kate hopkins

Dear Miss Hopkins,

To my amazement I stumbled across your article on migration and I will never understand how you are allowed to write what you write. In your piece you mention your beloved England and how the English are superior to everyone. The reason why I have decided to write a response to your piece is because my family and I originate from Sierra Leone and I find your piece very offensive.

The first thing I will be addressing will be the statement where you say, “clearly, boats are in short supply and that’s a good thing”. I feel that this is wrong because many people are trying to get into this country to get away from their war-torn countries. They are not here to disturb you in any way – they are just seeking for better lives. Most of all I feel by letting them enter they would benefit because they would bring things which “your country” can’t supply. In addition to this i feel that your point I invalid because if your country is so good then you should have more than enough boats which would not allow you to run out and even if you did then you should just be able to buy more, so I feel that your just against the people coming in and you’re using false facts to justify.

Another statement which I disagree with is the one which says, “it’s time to get Australian”. I have one thing to say to this and that is if you want to get Australian then go and get whichever fancy plane you can afford and fly to Australia because I think that there are many people in this country who appreciate the way this country is run. Another reason why this is wrong is because if you do begin to “act Australian” then you would just be attacking fire with fire because the people trying to get in have nothing to lose and will try to defend themselves and this could lead to many people being armed just to make sure they are safe.

In one of your statements it says that if you were to see a dead body in the waters you would walk past and not care. I feel that this is incredibly sick. I don’t believe any real human would have the guts to do this. Also by you posting this and allowing people to read this, people may begin to act in a similar way and this is very irresponsible. But if any real human being decides to read this I know that they will turn away in anger and respond as a normal human would do after reading such sickening and racist opinions. The reason why this is wrong is because if feel that someone were to do this to your body or to someone you know then I feel someone will have something to say.

In one of your points you say that if you want a better life for yourself then you had better start getting creative in North Africa . This is incredibly wrong. Not only are you trying to deny access for people trying to getting a better life, you’re trying to place all the burden on a whole continent and this is self evidently wrong. It’s only a selected few who are trying to find a new life. I feel you wouldn’t stand for this so I feel that this shouldn’t be said. Most people trying to emigrate to this country are of dark skin colour. We and the UK have spent decades trying to deal with our colonial past and create multi cultural harmony. With your racist comments you are now behaving in an incorrect and thoughtless manner. This is something that your “beloved country” tried so hard to make better and I can’t stand by and allow you to peddle this nonsense.



miss Birbalsingh

Dear Miss Birbalsingh

Your article on racial violence is a joke. How can you a minority, use a minority to attack a whole race.

In your article it is clear that you feel that the police are not the problem with crime  From me reading other articles about the police I can tell you that this statement is not trueThe ipcc( independent police complaints commission) are meant to review the police but with figures like 333 people dying in police custody and not one police officer being prosecuted, I feel that they are not doing their job. Maybe if it had been a few then you could say that there are many reasons why but the number is so large that I feel that must being something wrong.

Another reason why I feel that your statement is wrong is because of police stops and search, I don’t have the problem with the police stopping and searching people but it’s how and who they do it to. The police officers choose who they to stop and normally it is black men and women this is wrong if they are going to stop and search people then it should be a everyone who is in and around that area not just their selected few. In addition to this when they stop and search they do it incorrectly. They do it to provoke a response, this would then lead to the person getting arrested. This could then again lead to another police custody death. This led to the riots because many families have been losing their love ones from them going into custody and when mark Duggan was shot I felt the communities tolerance was up and this time they choose to react and they choose to riot in a way which action had to be taken because it’s clear other methods don’t work.

At the beginning of your article who asked the question what colour is mark Duggan and here you was trying to say that black people are a criminal race, I highly disagree with this because not every person in the black race are criminals, don’t get me wrong there are people In the black community who are involved in criminal activity but this doesn’t give you the right to say that the entire black race are criminals, for all we know mark Duggan may not have been involved in criminal activity, as you say he may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every race has criminals that’s how life is so to place criminal behaviour in one race I feel is completely wrong.

For me I can see that you are justifying the polices actions because of the colour of mark Duggan. This tells me that if mark Duggan was white then you would have joined the riots to protest against the police. This would cause the riots because of the nature of black people, we are using to taking actions into our own hands and this was forced into our system by the whites so if there is anyone to blame for the riots are the whites, so I feel you should change the idea in which you are trying to put across.

Similar to you miss Birbalsingh, there is a man named starky who also feels that being black is to be a gangster or to be violent. I feel that this is wrong to say and the reason for this is because you can’t put violence on a race or a colour. You can’t do that because this says that everyone which that feature has the ability to be violent but from police statistics and figures it shows that people who are not black are also involved in violence, even certain figures show that other races have bigger part to play in certain scenes. From my own knowledge I feel that the reason in which why black people result to violence is because of the white race who made black people slaves, and for the black to change they had to resort to violence to become free. This is wrong because your saying if you’re not black then you’re not a criminal, this is wrong because if you look at people like Dylan roof and Adam Lanza who both were not black but killed 37 between each other.

Descriptive writing

The game has finished but the crowd have continued to roar as they leave. In fact, let’s start again from when the pitch was not even ready. Out come the grass cutters with their long sharp blades which cut the grass to a certain height, out come the white liners making each line as straight as possible. As the machines began to reach their finish line of 100 yards, next were the sprinklers spitting venom as if they were snakes in attack mode. As I look across the pitch, I don’t think I am able to establish a single piece of grass which has not been touched by the snake’s venom.

The pitch is now ready, out come the cleaners making sure every piece of litter had disappeared from the last game. Next come the clothes which cover the chairs which not only protect the chairs but give the cleaners an easier job and also to give you an extra hint for you to identify where you are. The pitch freshened and the stands cleared off the cleaners rush to make sure that the rich are made to feel rich.

The first hut has now opened and you can smell the oil burning, now it was time for business. The first spectator enters and before he could even find his seat he was checked by three different staff to ensure he was not breaking the law.

The stadium holds 76,000 but it feels as if the whole world had come along to see this battle commence. The darkness had now covered the sky and in domino faction on came the lights and as everyone waiting for the last light to make its entrance out came the referee with  both teams following him and the captains playing the role of the conductors with their fellow players as their orchestra. Anthems sang, twenty-two players counted and it was now time for the battle to get under way.

With a blow of the whistle of the ball went. five minutes past and chants had began to roar through the stadium, if you were outside you would have run in terror of the stadium collapsing. 3 minutes more and the small blue maestro had the ball at his feet and as he lifts his leg to stick the ball past the keeper, up to avoid the embarrassment comes the keeper but with no chance to stop it the ball is simply rolled past him and the crowd erupted.

15 minutes in and the battle was now a full-blooded affair and the diver as known to most, using his 160 pound Adidas boots he receives the ball and with a blink of the eyes the ball rips down the back of the net and the water emphasizes the finish. Half an hour of the ball going back and forth, great saves here, great saves their and people throwing their various weights around to make sure their team doesn’t lose. As my neck begins to strain , the balls hits the divers feet and he curls the ball to back post, as the crowd silence in astonishment  in comes the big monster using his hair to give him a few inches, but is not needed as his forehead sweetly connects with the black emblem placed on the center of the ball. The keeper watches in amazement as the ball fly’s into the roof of the net. The players have given their all and with the sharp blow of the whistle the game is now frozen and in a flash the players have disappeared.

The seats have now become deserted as the fans rush to make sure they fill their bellies before the players return to once again give their all. Luckily enough for me I am treated today as a king so I don’t have to wait for the staff to chop down their lines with each order. I have returned to my throne and to my delight next to me stood the real king of this palace, sir Alex Ferguson. As my body freeze, my lips are able to utter the words “may I have a picture” and with a nod of his head I am now able to move and I rush to remove my phone from my back pocket and quickly take the picture before he is able to change his mind.

20 minutes into the second half and the ball has reached the feet of the captain of the mighty reds and as he turns the little Spaniard’s opens his mouth to call and the captain in an instance the ball is now at the little man’s feet and in two magical touches the ball was now through the keepers legs. The stadium has now turned red, less than seven minutes down the timeline, the reds now have a free kick which was put straight in the box and up came the big monster but not the one with big hair but the one with low hair but big stature, the crowd was now ballistic because they the game is now won. The reds are down to ten with the big central midfielder holding a knock. The last-minute and to the delight of the blues striker the ball has now reached his feet and he has managed to squeeze it in the smallest gap possible but the game was already done and with the final blow of the whistle the game is now over.

We are now where we started and as I leave the stadium with the biggest smile on my face, in come the cleaners just have a brief look to see the task in which entails them when they return.

p.s what game was we watching?



simile: to compare something to something else using as or like

metaphor: A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

anthropomorphic: Relating to or characterized by anthropomorphism.

assonance: In poetry, the repetition of the sound of a vowel or diphthong in nonrhyming stressed syllables (e.g., penitencereticence).

sibilance: (sibilant) a consonant characterized by a hissing sound (like s or sh)

allegory: A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Orwell’s life:

  • George Orwell’s real name is Eric Arthur Blair
  •  Eric Arthur Blair was born on 25 June 1903
  • His great grand-father well wealthy
  • Blair wrote two poems that were published in the Henley and south oxford shire standard
  •    He came second to Connolly in the Harrow History Prize, had his work praised by the school’s external examiner, and earned scholarships to Wellington and Eton Colleges

Animal farm:

  • Animal Farm is an allegorical and dystopian novel by George Orwell, published in England on 17 August 1945.
  •  According to Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917
  • The original title was Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, though the subtitle was dropped by U.S. publishers for its 1946 publication and subsequently all but one of the translations during Orwell’s lifetime omitted it
  • Other variations in the title include: A Satire and A Contemporary Satire.
  • Orwell wrote the book from November 1943–February 1944, when the wartime alliance with the Soviet Union was at its height and Stalin was held in highest esteem in Britain among the people and intelligentsia, a fact that Orwell hated.It was initially rejected by a number of British and American publishers, including one of Orwell’s own, Victor Gollancz. Its publication was thus delayed, though it became a great commercial success when it did finally appear partly because the Cold War so quickly followed World War II.

Orwell’s other books:

  • 1984
  • Burmese days
  • Homage to Catalonia
  • Coming up for hair
  • Down and out in Paris and London

dystopia planning

i am doing my dystopia on how a life of a footballer from two different points of view . One from a actual footballer and from a person who thinks they know how a life of a actual football is. then they meet up and he finds out what life is actually like for a star. I have decided to change my idea and do a world that is ruled by the people so anything the as for they get with no doubt . So they is problem because everyone ask for what they want.


Specialist word: words that are not common in English language and that is from a different culture that can be brought to the English language, which would make sense, in the english language

sentence choice: it adds more description to the text but if you we’re to take the Out then It would still make sense

What makes a person a human

as you can see this is what people in the chrysalis should have looked like. God created a man in his own image and good decreed that an should have one body one head and two arms and two legs that each arm should be joined in two places and en in one hand each hand should have four fingers and one thumb that each finger should bear a flat finger nail and so on until god created a man. i don’t think this is right because if you refer to the bible god said that people should be different in there own ways and shouldn’t be the same, in the book is says that people should all have the same feature and if you don’t have the features that everyone else has then you are different and you shouldn’t be aloud to join society. Think that is wrong because if god made everyothe and he made one with a extra toe or eye then I don’t think that it is right to judge them


history homework for miss jewitt

i think ghandi have a big role to play in moving britian out of India and making them independent because what he stood up for what he believed in and if it wasn’t for his peaceful protest then they probably wouldn’t of been independent for a long time. if he had used violence then britian would of just used violence back and they probably the British would of won because they have much more and better resources than India do.

I don’t think if he had all those people helping him out he probably wouldn’t of done it because he would of had to do all alone and the British wouldn’t of taken him seriously they would of thought that he was a joke, that would probably had lead to him taking serious action which is most likely violence and as i said before the British had more resources.

I think that India should give ghandi a good thank you because with out him no-one would of had the courage to stand up to the British and say that they don’t think that it is right what they are doing to them which would of led to them to be a nonindependent country for longer and i don’t think that the Indian people would of been happy about that because then they would have had a lot of things that the English had, and they would have behaved in the same way, that means they would of just been another English country, and in my eyes i don’t think that is right because i think people should be there own people and do things they want to do not just do things that people are doing and be the same person as them . so that’s what i think about the whole situation and well done ghandi for taking a risk and standing up to the British